Kilted Loafer

Mens Monk Strap Shoes

Mens monk strap shoes are a type of loafer. Many of us probably think that loafers are simply slip-on shoes. In one sense, that is quite correct, but loafers do come in a variety of very distinctive styles, each with their own name and history. Monk strap shoes are one such style, although its name is perhaps less well known than that of the penny loafer or tassel loafer.

If you've become interested in the different kinds of loafers, you may have noticed that the names are not always a good clue to what they are! Penny loafers do get their name from a fashion for tucking a penny into the instep band, and tassel loafers do have tassels. However, kilted loafers have nothing to do with kilts and monk straps have nothing to do with monks.

The name of the loafer relates to the style's characteristic feature: a side buckle which is is purely decorative. You won't have to be fiddling with straps and fastenings, these are infact loafers and the strap and buckle are not intended for function. The buckle, which can vary considerably in size and style, gives the loafer a slightly medieval feel, which is probably the origin of the name.

Some authorities on mens fashion, in general, and mens dress shoes, in particular, may tell you that they are not really a young mans style of shoe. Others will disagree with that advice. The reality is that monk strap shoes come in a wide variety of designs and, amongst those, some have a more contemporary look than others.

If you are looking for a comfortable slip-on shoe in a classic design, then this loafer is perhaps one of the most versatile styles among mens dress shoes. Of the different kinds of loafers available, it is certainly one that can go well with a suit. Like the bit on a bit loafer, the buckle on a monk strap shoe is a fairly prominent decorative feature, it complements the otherwise plain and classic style of this type of loafer.

A pair of smart monk straps, perhaps designed by one of the big name Italian designers make an elegant and stylish addition to your dress shoe lineup. Depending on your purposes, you can make the versatility of them really work for you and your wardrobe.

A well-cut pair in polished black leather monk strap shoes can certainly be worn for quite formal occasions, although they will never be as formal as a pair of lace-up oxfords or similar mens dress shoes. You might not wear mens monk strap shoes to a wedding or a funeral, but you could certainly find purpose and fit by wearing them to a business meeting or a night out at a classy venue.

Still fashionable and always comfortable, mens monk strap shoes could be just what you need, for work or time out.

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